About KTC

KTC began in October 2010 limited resources and a team of four. As KTC is a family business we are open to new ideas and opportunities. Our 1st retail electronic store opened in December 2011 and our 1st B2B business started in July 2012. The “Family” philosophy is still part of who we are today and our team is an extension of this. We acknowledge that their individual efforts are instrumental in our past and future success.

What’s Important

Our business foundation is built on relationships. Our word is our bond where suppliers and customers benefit mutually.

Our founding principle runs true in how we operate today, “Flexibility is key, our ability to make quick decisions assists our business to deliver and to grow faster” and because of this, the business has experienced amazing growth.

Our Culture

Our culture statement reflects the values, skills and behaviours that we have recognised as being important.

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World-Class Distributor, Retail & e-Commerce

Our goals are to be a World-Class Distributor and Retail e-Commerce provider where we provide our customers with the best experience from beginning to end. We will continue to invest in our people and technology to ensure our customers receive the product on time and at the best possible price.