Our Culture

Our culture statement reflects the values, skills and behaviours that we have recognised as being important.

The list contains values that we want our company to represent based n each of us contributing to is reputation.
It also has behaviours and skills that make working here a positive experience knowing that each of us contributes to making this a reality.  We know that as our customers recognise this behaviour in us, it will contribute to their experience of our company that will win their loyalty and respect.  In making a team decision to write this down, we acknowledge that all the statements may need some work and persistence to achieve.

Honesty & Openness

  • We are always”real”, ask directly and NO blaming mentality.
  • We are confident in ourselves and will be open and honest with everyone.
  • We have trust and are not afraid to speak out if we have contributions to make and we must take time to listen to others.
  • We understand it is business, not personal as we want to continually improve the company for the benefit of us all.

Accountability & Commitment

  • We perform at the highest standard and in a timely manner in our roles.
  • We all take full responsibility and ownership of the tasks assigned to us, of our mistakes and operate “above the line”.
  • We hold ourselves personally accountable to deliver what we promise.

Teamwork & Respect

  • We respect that every role is important and value that contribution that each of us makes towards our vision.
  • We respect and support each other and work as a team at all times.  Respect means being attentive, thoughtful, courteous, considerate and valuing other peoples thoughts, feelings and different skills.
  • As a team, we also have each other’s backs and support others.


  • We are committed to building trust, have the right people for the right jobs and treat each other equally.
  • We follow the process and deliver quality results all the time.

Ownership & Integrity

  • Do the best we can, give 100%, we will not accept a second-best outcome.
  • If  “I promise so I will do” to take responsibility for our actions.We spend a lot of time at work so why not make it an awesome place to be!
KTC Distribution Auckland